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What is SAP SQL Anywhere

SQL Anywhere is a relational database manufactured by SAP. It provides multiple advanced features such as: integrated referentials, stored procedures, proxy tables, line level locking, high availability, system event and user management, in-memory mode, intra-query parallelism, database mirroring, integration with LDAP directories, strong encryption, support of multiple interfaces, etc.

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Editions and Licensing Models

SQL Anywhere has different editions (Edge, advanced…) and licensing models (per core, per named user, per device...). Some of them were recently deprecated by SAP, others are still valid. This may create some confusion as to which edition, type of license and capacity is the right fit for a given project.

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Main Components

SQL Anywhere

SQL Anywhere is a relational database providing multiple advanced features.

It can work as a local server for work-groups, small and medium enterprises, application distribution on a large scale and support zero-administration environments.


SQL Anywhere includes the Mobilink component. It is highly-scalable technology, session-based, which can synchronize the information between an enterprise and remote systems, or between several databases – relational or not – in a very flexible and robust way.


Ultralite is a lightened version of SQL Anywhere, easy to use and with a very small memory footprint. It contains the main features necessary for mobile devices (smartphones, navigation systems, handheld devices, ATMs…) and support for standard interfaces (ODBC, ACO.NET, JDBC…).

Technical Specifications

  • Supported platforms
  • Database features
  • Database capacity
  • Components by platforms
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Wondering what the current official name of SQL Anywhere is? ASA (Adaptive Server Anywhere)? iAnywhere? SQL Anywhere? Watcom SQL? Was there a version 14 or 15?

Find here is a little recap of the product history

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