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Company Profile

Company Background

Novalys is an international Software Vendor, founded in 1998, privately held, with subsidiaries and distributors in North America, Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia (How to Contact us).

We believe that innovation through research and development drives business growth. This is why we invest 25% of our annual revenue in R&D, providing every year our customers with major innovations and added value.

As the company is growing, the scope of our client base is increasing, with no industry making up more than 10% of our revenue. Novalys relies on contrasting markets that each respond differently to economic upturns and downturns, making the company less vulnerable to changes in the market environment and providing our customers with a long-term visibility on their software investments.

Novalys Customers

Although mainly in Europe and North America, we are present in over 50 countries.
Our products are used by hundreds of large organizations in various industries such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Government Agencies, Industry, Media, Software, Telecom and Transportation.