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SQL Anywhere Support

The easiest way to get help from Novalys experts when using SQL Anywhere

How does it work?

The Novalys Support Plan is a service delivered by Novalys experts to assist IT professionals using SQL Anywhere.

Subscribers can open support tickets in the Novalys Helpdesk here.
Depending on the nature of the question, our experts may help by email, phone or web meetings.

More information

1 contract, several products!

Our experts will help you with questions related to PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner and SQL Anywhere.

No need to subscribe to other contracts or services as long as you're question is included in the list of topics covered (see details below).

What is covered?

Below are some examples of topics our experts will be able to help you with:


  • Migration to a newer version of PowerBuilder
  • How to migrate your code?
  • Which new features are available within the new version?
  • How to use them?
  • Moving parts of your application to web services
  • Moving parts of your code to C++ DLLs (for performance and enhancements)
  • Deploying your application to web and mobile with Appeon
  • Working with XML files
  • Working with PDF files
  • Using source control systems with PowerBuilder
  • Using ORCA and automating build procedures


Design and management of the models:
  • Conceptual and Logical Data Model
  • Physical Data Model
  • Database Synchronization and Reverse Engineering
  • Models comparing and merging
  • Reports

Note: Because the physical attributes of the underlying database depend on the options, versions in use and configuration, our support is limited to provide a definition/configuration of the tool and of the models. To interact with the DBMS physical attributes, the customer must know how to use them. This is extended also to programming interfaces and programming languages supported by the DBMS.

SQL Anywhere

Programming assistance for:
  • SQL Anywhere Client/Server and Standalone (Personal Database), Windows Platform, from version 9
  • Database configuration, administration, maintenance, oriented to developers
  • User and database security
  • Mirroring design, setup, management and administration
  • Backup design, setup, management and administration
  • Programming: SQL, ODBC, PowerBuilder, triggers, stored procedures, batches
  • SQL Anywhere Tools: Sybase Central, Interactive SQL and all related functionalities
  • Performance analysis and optimization

What is not covered?

The support includes technical assistance only, and does not offer access to newer versions of your software. Software updates are accessible by purchasing the corresponding maintenance service from your vendor.

The support is not delivered by SAP engineers, but a team of Expert Developers independent from SAP.

When answering your question, our experts will provide the appropriate solution or technique if available. If this ends up being a bug, we will still try to help by suggesting a workaround or a 3rd party tool. In some cases, there may simply be no solution. In all cases, we will report bug to the software owner. Only they can fix their bugs.

PowerBuilder support does not include:

  • Questions related to PB.NET

SQL Anywhere support does not include:

  • Production environments: the support is oriented to developers and not to back up production environments. For all requests we assume that developers have access to a test environment, on which all operations can be performed. Transferring these changes to the production environment is not part of our plan.
  • any other platform than Windows
  • Mobilink, Ultralight, SQL Remote, Replication, Relay Server
  • SQL Anywhere Monitor
  • Any other programming interface
  • Spatial Data Support

PowerDesigner Support doesn't include:

  • Other models (Multidimensional, Requirements, Web Services, Data Movement, XML)
  • Repository and Portal
  • Trigger and Stored Procedure programming language
  • Advanced Customization and Extension of PowerDesigner (Resources, Extensions, Scripts)